On this page you will find a selection of my unpublished, personal art work.

Tear down the wall!

Iron Curtain, East Side Gallery, Berlin
"Tear down the wall!" (c) www.strobgalerie.at

November 9th 1989: finally - the "Iron Curtain" was torn down!

Original photos for the digital atwork "Tear down the wall!"
A view through the last remains of the "Iron Curtain" in Berlin & East Side Gallery, Berlin (c) www.strobgalerie.at

Plötzensee Memorial, Berlin

Art work, Memorial Plötzensee, Berlin
"Plötzensee" (c) www.strobgalerie.at

Sometimes the real art consists only in enduring an unbearable situation


After 1939, Plötzensee Prison became a place of death for people from all parts of German-occupied Europe.

Between 1933 and 1945, 2891 death sentences were carried out at Plötzensee Prison, including those of the resistance fighters in the failed coup attempt of July 20, 1944.

Plötzensee Memorial, Berlin
Original photo (c) www.strobgalerie.at