Beautify Your Home!

an astonishing Salzburg panorama hangs above a bed. (c)

A small, dispensable beast is ruining the holiday plans of most of us this year. Many people worldwide will have to abstain from their well-deserved Salzburg vacation in 2020. Damn it!

The good news is: nobody in the whole wide world has to be without his Salzburg experience this year!


Why? Because there is this fine art photo gallery in the heart of Salzburg - the STROB Galerie! Maybe you've heard of it already?  Not yet? Then it is high time!

How about this: you bring your very own piece of Salzburg into your home? Then you would have Salzburg 365 days a year with you.

Your very own piece of Salzburg - that no beast in the world can take away from you.

Beautify your home with a special masterpiece of art!

Salzburg Fortress (c)
Salzburg Fortress (c)
Salzburg at the "blue hour" (c)
Salzburg at the "blue hour" (c)

Enjoy the photos. Then no more words are needed.

Which Salzburg enthusiast does not get weak at the sight of my Salzburg pictures?

Impossible, isn't it? 😊

A picture of the Fortress Hohensalzburg at full moon hangs above a fireplace. (c)
Fortress Hohensalzburg (c)
Mirabell Garden/Salzburg (c)
Mirabell Garden/Salzburg (c)
Overview of Salzburg  (c)
Overview of Salzburg (c)
Salzburg Fortress & Salzburg Cathedral by night  (c)
Salzburg Fortress & Salzburg Cathedral (c)

When normality of any kind comes and nothing prevents your Salzburg holiday, then the motto is:

Visit & Enjoy the STROB Galerie!

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