General Questions


Do you ship your photo prints under acryl galss and your photo 

prints worldwide?


All items in the onlineshop can be sent to these countries.


For deliveries outside the European Union please contact




·        Argentinien


·        Australien


·        Bahrain


·        Belgien


·        Brasilien


·        China


·        Dänemark


·        Deutschland


·        Estland


·        Finnland


·        Frankreich


·        Griechenland


·        Großbritanien


·        Guernsey


·        Hongkong


·        Indien


·        Irland


·        Italien


·        Japan


·        Jersey


·        Kanada


·        Korea


·        Kroatien


·        Kuwait


·        Lettland


·        Liechtenstein


·        Litauen


·        Luxemburg


·        Mexiko


·        Monaco


·        Neuseeland


·        Niederlande


·        Norwegen


·        Österreich


·        Polen


·        Portugal


·        Saudi-Arabien


·        Schweden


·        Schweiz


·        Singapur


·        Slowakei


·        Slowenien


·        Spanien


·        Südafrika


·        Tschechische Republik


·        Ungarn


·        USA


·        Vereinigte Arabische Emirate



From my side there will be no extra costs for international and overseas deliveries to these countries - guaranteed!




Please consider that for deliveries to countries outside the European Union additional costs can accrue (customs fees, import taxes, local taxes, etc).

What do I get for my money?


The price of each product sent to one of these countries includes:


- A photo print under acryl glass in museum quality, or an original photo print in gallery quality.

- Free shiping & handling


                                        "CUSTOM-MADE ARTICLE" & Artwork from STROB-Shop #1

The price for these artworks DOES NOT INCLUDE costs for shiping & handling. Delivery time available on request.

For detailed informations please contact me.

What´s the procedure after I placed my order?


After I recieved your payment I will place your order within 24 hours at WhiteWall Photo Lab. From there it will be sent directly  to the stated address in your order.

Experientially you will recieve your artwork in europe within 10-17 days and worldwide within 15-22 days after you placed your order (depending an delivery address).

What happens with my private data?


My policy is such that i will not pass on your private data to any third party without your prior consent, except to those companies which are directly involved in the sales process.

Do you regard individual requests (Size, etc)?


As far as possible indiviual requests will and can be regarded.

In this case please don´t hesitate to contact me.

What payment methods are accepted?


--  PayPal

--  Creditcard

--  Prepayment

--  SOFORT Überweisung: secure direct bank transfer  

What happens if the artwork doesn't correspond to my ideas?


Since 13.06.2014 exclusively following regulations ("Verbraucherrechte-Richtlinie-Umsetzungsgesetz") are valid:


Widerrufsbelehrung - OnlineShop


It´s very unlikely. But If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you have a  14 days money back guarantee (from the date of delivery). All mailings have to arrive at the mailing adress (below) in the same exact condition as when they left "ex factory".

Return postage has to be payed without any exeption by the client.

Mailings to a different mailing address than the one below will not be excepted.


STROB-Galerie/Strasser Robert

Franz Josef Kai 9

5020 Salzburg


You have a further questions!
Fine! Feel free to contact me. I will reply as soon as possible.