STROB Galerie

STROB Galerie · 2020/05/07
The year 2020 brings us the so-called "New Normality" - whatever that means. But one thing has not changed: the STROB Galerie. The old one is the new one - and it will remain so for quite a while. That is not going to change any unnecessary beast!

STROB Galerie · 2020/05/02
I had almost given up hope that I could ever take the photos for this picture. But then it happened, after 11 months of waiting. On 2014-10-06 around 19:00 I could finally take the photos for my picture "Full Moon above the Residenzplatz". The place was cleaned up, no disturbing things were standing around and I was ready to go!

STROB Galerie · 2020/04/13
Unfortunately there is no good news for one of the most important cultural events in Salzburg this year. It is unpleasant, but not surprising either.

STROB Galerie · 2020/03/10
This year there is a premiere in the Salzburg art scene: the "Salzburger Gallery Days".

STROB Galerie · 2020/02/27
A painter paints with brushes, watercolors and canvas. I paint with graphics tablet, pixels and computer.

STROB Galerie · 2020/02/24
Sometimes you just need all the luck in the world to be in the right place at the right time. This is what happened on 2013-12-15