Salzburg - Gallery Days 2020 - CANCELLATION!

STROB Galerie
STROB Galerie (c)

Now it´s unfortunately clear: the Salzburg Gallery Days 2020 can' t be held at the beginning of May. 

The reason is obvious: the current situation does not allow any events to be held.


It is a great pity and I very much regret this. But this tiny, well-known Corona beast determines our lives to a large extent. 

And it will continue to do so for quite some time.


I for my part have decided to think in small steps for the next months. That I will be happy about the small progress we make from day to day and that I will be happy about many little things that I have been taken for granted over the years.


Will the Salzburg Gallery Days still take place this year? No one can say for sure yet. Possibly in autumn. 

But everything depends on the further development of the pandemic.

I will keep you up to date on the Salzburg Gallery Days.

Meanwhile I wish you people out there all the best. 


Chin up & let´s get through it!

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