March 2020 - Salzburg #1


The WHO declares the spread of the coronavirus a pandemic. The Austrian Federal Government announces that schools are to be closed.

The Vienna Marathon (19.04.2020) is cancelled and Tyrol prohibits visits to hospitals.

2020-03-11: Max-Reinhardt-Platz next to the Festspielhaus in Salzburg
Max-Reinhardt-Platz, Salzburg, 2020-03-11 (c)
2020-03-11: the almost deserted Alter Markt, Salzburg
Alter Markt, Salzburg, 2020-03-11 (c)

2020-03-13: Friday the 13th

Several areas in Tyrol are quarantined.

The "Messe Wien" is converted into a temporary hospital. In case the Viennese hospitals are overloaded, it should be possible to accommodate lighter cases of COVID 19 patients there.

From Monday April 16th  a general exit restriction will apply in Austria, with few exceptions. Shops will remain closed. Only system relevant stores may remain open.

2020-03-13: Cafe Tomaselli, Salzburg
Cafe Tomaselli, Salzburg, 2020-03-13 (c)
2020-03-13: Universitätsplatz, Salzburg
Universitätsplatz, Salzburg, 2020-03-13 (c)
2020-03-13: Residenzplatz, Salzburg
Residenzplatz, Salzburg, 2020-03-13 (c)
2020-03-13: a bar in the Judengasse, Salzburg
Judengasse, Salzburg, 2020-03-13 (c)
2020-03-13: a bar in the Judengasse, Salzburg
Judengasse, Salzburg, 2020-03-13 (c)
2020-03-13: The outdoor dining area of the restaurant "Szene Salzburg"
"Szene Salzburg", Salzburg, 2020-03-13


The first two positively tested corona cases occur in the Salzburg University Hospital.

The government of Salzburg decides to close all hotels and guest houses in the province.

In a rapid procedure, the first Corona law package is passed in the Austrian Parliament.

Strict restrictions are decided: you are only allowed to leave your own house for 4 reasons: to buy groceries, to go to work, to help other people and for a walk.

In the evening international air traffic to and from Austria is largely suspended.


This is it: in my lifetime we are on the very edge of the first lockdown in Austria.

2020-03-13: A group of 3 men is sitting on a bench on the banks of the river Salzach
Elisabethkai, Salzburg, 2020-03-15 (c)
2020-03-15: A closed playground next to the Kaipromenade in Salzburg
Playground, Salzburg, 2020-03-15 (c)
2020-03-15: the deserted Kaipromenade, Salzburg
Kaipromenade, Salzburg, 2020-03-15 (c)
2020-03-15: Cyclists on the Elisabethkai in Salzburg.
Elisabethkai, Salzburg, 2020-03-15 (c)
2020-03-15: University of Salzburg
Universität Salzburg, Wallistrakt, 2020-03-15 (c)
2020-03-15: A sign on a shop door
Salzburg, 2020-03-15 (c)

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