March 2020 - The Ides of March

The black and white photo shows the reflection of a night-time street scene
Mirabellplatz, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)

Now the time has come: since 2020-03-16, Austria is in a state of artificial deep sleep in large parts.

Actually, I wasn't surprised. I already said in mid-February that we in Austria will not be spared from the epidemic. But the severity of the consequences, as we are now experiencing them, surprises even me.

I had not expected this: a widespread ban on going out; all non-systemically relevant shops remaining closed; rigid social distancing; streets and public places almost completely deserted.

This damned little beast hovers above everything. It feels unreal, even weird: there is no visible enemy or destruction in the city. At first sight there is nothing that indicates the imminent danger.

And yet everything seems different: more uncertain, unpredictable, more dangerous.

There are scenes that were previously unknown (at least for me). Like major hotels that "never slept" before. Now they are closed now and pitch black. This scene itself seems spooky.

The black and white photo shows the Sheraton Grand, Salzburg at night
Sheraton Grand, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)
Hotel Bristol in Salzburg at night
Hotel Bristol, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)
Hotel Bristol in Salzburg at night
Hotel Bristol, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)
Hotel Villa Carlton in Salzburg at night
Hotel Villa Carlton, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)
Motel One Mirabell, Salzburg at night
Motel One Mirabell, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)

Among all the dark, seemingly lifeless buildings, the Andräkirche with its brightly lit entrance area seems like a "ray of hope".

The bright lit entrance of the Andräkirche in Salzburg at night
Andräkirche, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)

Restaurants and Coffee Shops are closed, too.

All over town it seems to be saying: "Rien ne va plus!"

A closed coffee shop in Salzburg
Coffee Shop, Salzburg, 2020-03-17 (c)
The closed Coffee Shop Herr Leopold in Salzburg
"Herr Leopold", Salzburg, 2020-03-20 (c)
2 men are walking in the otherwise deserted Getreidegasse
Getreidegasse, Salzburg, 2020-03-20 (c)

And all of this is just the beginning.

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