More than 30 photos make one piece of art

The picture of the "Getreidegasse" in Salzburg, Austria is a collage of over 30 photos   (c)
2014-05-31 , Getreidegasse, Salzburg (c)





One of the special features of my pictures is that they contain up to 30 photos.
The reason for this editing technique can be found in my picture "Getreidegasse".

If you want to run a photo gallery with Salzburg motives you can't avoid a meaningful picture of the Getreidegasse. But Getreidegasse also means that you will find a lot of people at any time of a day. Getreidegasse in Salzburg is very hard to imagine without people - because it is completely unrealistic.
When I took my first pictures of the Getreidegasse, there was not a single one among the 50 shots that met my requirements. The people just didn't act the way I needed them to. How could they? I couldn't have the road blocked and come up with 40 stuntmen.
So I had to think about how to get my picture that exactly met my expectations.

That's how one of my photo processing techniques came to life: I took about 150 photos within 40 minutes. From a part of the photos I then composed my picture. This means that each person in the picture is a separate photo.
From then on, I didn't require any more stuntmen. But instead I created one of my first very unique Salzburg pictures.
Since then my slogan is: a painter paints with watercolours, brushes and canvas. I "paint" with pixels, graphics tablet and computer.

I have aroused your interest in my paintings? In my online shops you will find all my photographic works.

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