"High Moon" at the Beach

At first sight little. Unless both photos are combined to form a small but fine digital piece of art.
The picture "High Moon at Good Harbor Beach" is composed out of photographs of my two "places of residence": Rockport (MA) and Salzburg.

A beach near Rockport (MA) on a sunny autumn day 2006
Rockport 2006 (c) www.strobgalerie.at

I took the photo of Good Harbor Beach near Rockport (MA) already in 2006. Until October 2019 it enjoyed a lonely existence on an external hard drive. Only then, in combination with another photo, it has reached its true purpose.

Full moon with total moon eclipse 2018-07-27
Century Full Moon 2018-07-27 (c) www.strobgalerie.at

The image of the orange-red full moon was taken on a particularly important astronomical night. At night of July 27th, 2018 the longest lunar eclipse of the century could be observed - and photographed - over Salzburg.

If you think that this was already the highlight of this night - you are wrong. Because Mars was also particularly well visible.


Precisely this constellation of luminaries exists on average only every 105,000 years!

The picture is a photo collage from 2 photos. It shows a night scene with a threateningly large moon over Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester Massachusetts.
High Moon at Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester (MA) (c) www.strobgalerie.at

In this way, new pieces of photographic art are created repeatedly - sometimes years after I took the photos.
As the saying goes: "Good things take time"

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