Tear down this wall!

In June 1987 the former US President Ronald Reagan spoke the famous words during his visit to Berlin: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"

2 years and 6 months later the Berlin Wall - "Iron Curtain" - became history.


The 2 photos for my personal piece art "Tear down this wall!" were taken in 2019 during my visit to Berlin.

Together, the two photographs symbolize for me the time from 1933 - 1989 in Berlin: after 56 years and two dictatorships, East Berliners are streaming through the Iron Curtain to freedom!

One of the artworks at the East Side Gallery in Berlin: a flood of people breaks through the Berlliner Wall
East Side Gallery, Berlin (c) www.strobgalerie.at

Photo No. 1 shows one of the art works at the "East Side Gallery" in Berlin: a stream of people breaks through the Berlin Wall. The "East Side Gallery" is one of the most visited sights in Berlin. It is a symbol of Berlin's past and a hotspot for artists, art lovers and people who want to learn more about the Wall.

A pedestrian can be seen through a hole in the rest of the Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall, (c) www.strobgalerie.at

Photo No. 2 was taken at a historically remarkable place. It shows a hole in a piece of the Berlin Wall. I took this photo in today's Niederkirchnerstrasse.


The photo shows the rest of the cellar of the former GESTAPO headquarters in Berlin. Right behind it there is a remnant of the Berlin Wall.
Niederkirchnerstrasse, Berlin (c) www.strobgalerie.at

During the Nazi period the address was Prinz-Albrecht-Straße 8, where the headquarters of GESTAPO was located.

The photo shows in the foreground the rest of the cellar of the former GESTAPO headquarters in Berlin. Right behind it is a remnant of the Berlin Wall.

At this place 56 years of German history meet directly: from the beginning of the Nazi regime of terror to the end of communism in former East Germany.

A photo collage of 2 photos: a crack of the "Berlin Wall" and a graffiti of the "East Side Gallery" in Berlin
Tear down this wall! (c) www.strobgalerie.at

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