STROB - Galerie:  AFFORDABLE Art for everyone!

Many potential clients ask for "just a photo under acrylic glass with the characteristic STROB - Look".

Therefore i decided to launch a new "photo under acrylic glass collection" - AFFORDABLE Art for everyone!


Though the price for these fine art photoprints is affordable for everone my artistic approach doesn´t change: creating unmistakable & unique

STROB-Pictures of superior quality.


Why this difference in price to the Luxury - Line?

- prints are only available in the following sices: 18x13 cm, 30x20 cm, 40x26 cm, 60x40 cm. Some are also available in the format 80x53cm.

- the prints are developed from one image - no multiple captures compositions

- for my international clients: delivery expenses are not included. But you SAVE 20% VAT (outside the European Union) !

Pricelist  (excl. delivery expenses)

photo under acrylic glass,  18x13 cm €49,00
 photo under acrylic glass,  30x20 cm €130,00
photo under acrylic glass,  40x26 cm €190,00
photo under acrylic glass,  60x40 cm €450,00
photo under acrylic glass,  80x53 cm €750,00

For an order & any questions don´t hesitate to contact me.

Tel.: +43 664/14 05 675